Submissions and Pitches MUST include writer’s email and phone number to be considered. Writers will be paid.

Review previous issues of the magazine and make sure your pitch isn’t something we have recently covered. If it is related, make sure you have a fresh angle on the story or can provide something the previous one lacked or missed out on.

Pitches must be related to sustainable agriculture in some way (including aquaculture and other food-production or gathering methods), and this is an urban agriculture magazine. Your focus might be on something rural, but you must relate it back to cities and show why urban readers would be interested in the story.

Concrete Garden features literary journalism and creative non-fiction, so make sure your story has a strong narrative. Your writing style and the way you plan to tell your story will make a difference when we consider your pitch. Please include writing examples.

Send your pitches and submissions to concretegardenvictoria[at]gmail[dot]com.

For submissions,

  • Please include HED (headline) and DEK
  • Use -30- to mark the end of your copy
  • Use CP style unless otherwise marked here


  • Use hard returns to mark new paragraphs
  • Contractions are okay
  • Use Canadian spelling
  • Italicize titles of complete works (books, films, etc.), newspapers, and journals
  • Use quotation marks for newspaper, magazine, or journal articles, blog posts, and TV episodes
  • Don’t italicize organizations (non-profits, NGOs, etc.)
  • Indigenous, not Aboriginal, and when possible refer to the specific nation
  • farmers’ market(s)
  • Singular “they” is acceptable as a non-gendered pronoun. Be sure that the phrasing does not imply more than one person


  • Use the serial (Oxford) comma
  • Use a comma after introductory clauses
  • Do not use single quotation marks except for with embedded quotations
  • Do not use an ampersand (&) unless it is part of the official title or phrase

Capitalization & Spelling

  • Salt Spring Island
  • Use down style capitalization, unless otherwise noted in CP style
  • Use headline style for HEDs (including after the colon) and subheads. Use sentence style capitalization for DEK
  • Use capitals for official names of organizations (non-profits, NGOs, etc.)


  • CO2
  • Spell out numbers under 10
  • 83,000
  • percent

Submission Requirements

  • Full name (as will appear in publication), phone number(s), email
  • Photo credit for all pictures
  • Full name, phone number(s), and email of people/organization interviewed and date, time, and location of interview
  • List, including retrieval/view date and weblink, of any cited news or media sources