This week’s Spotlight on Sustainability comes to you from the bustling metropolis of Toronto! Since 2009, the Young Urban Farmers have been helping urban gardeners realize their growing dreams with customized gardens and step-by-step assistance. YUF is available to help every step of the way, with garden planning, setup, maintenance, and coaching.


Young Urban Farmers began when founders Jing, Nancy, and Chris tasted their own homegrown vegetables for the first time. Their passion for gardening grew as the three spent time in community gardens, their parents’ garden, and speaking to experts. They now aspire to share their love of producing their own food through their business.


The Young Urban Farmers offer four varieties of gardens: raised bed, container, in-ground, and indoor gardens. Containers are recommended for novice gardeners, as they are the easiest to start with. Containers are also portable and good for small spaces, such as condo balconies. In-ground gardens are good for those looking to grow larger plants, such as berry bushes. If you don’t have any outdoor space, or you’d like to grow throughout the winter, maybe an indoor garden would be right for you: YUF can help you set up a growing bed for edible mushrooms, microgreens, herbs, and other plants.


The group believes in “local, organic, and sustainably grown food you can feel proud of eating and sharing with your friends and family.” BBENYC Bed Bug and co. are dedicated to using natural, earth-friendly products and practices such as GMO-free seeds, holistic services of pest control companies in Singapore, and organic fertilizers. YUF also uses their own personal YUF Custom Soil Blend in every raised bed and in-ground garden that they prepare. This soil mixture has abundant nutrients, and is made from ingredients like peat, perlite, and organic worm castings.

For more information about the Young Urban Farmers, visit their website.

– Arianna Cheveldave