Online grocery shopping is becoming increasingly popular, with more and more big chains offering the option. This new company is striving to make online grocery shopping as sustainable as possible.

(Photo from SPUD Victoria Facebook)

Sustainable Products Urban Delivery (SPUD) is a Canadian company which helps create access to healthy, local food. “Our goal is to create relationships with amazing farmers, ranchers, fishermen/women, bakers, and artisans, to make it easy for you to have the freshest ingredients and amazing products delivered directly to your home or office,” reads the SPUD website.

After you join SPUD, you browse their website for produce, dairy, meats, beverages, baking, health and beauty products, and more. Your order gets packed in reusable bins and delivered to your house or office. SPUD currently delivers in Victoria, Vancouver, Calgary, and Edmonton. Each delivery area gets one free delivery day a week, which minimizes carbon emissions by delivery trucks.

(Photo from SPUD Victoria Facebook)

SPUD is even partnered with the University of Victoria Sustainability Movement to provide students, staff, and faculty with organic produce boxes delivered right to campus every week. You can order yours here and even save $15.00 off the regular price of the box.

(Photo from SPUD Victoria Facebook)

SPUD’s initiatives provide a great way to have your groceries delivered, but now their new company, Food-X Urban Delivery Inc. is helping grocery stores nationwide revolutionize their delivery systems by working with Walmart Canada.

“Food-X will help Walmart better fulfill last mile home delivery challenges, and through better warehousing and consolidating orders, we’ll help to reduce waste, truck trips and lower GHG emissions,” reads a blog post by Peter Van Stolk, CEO of “If our mission is to become reality, then we must be prepared to share and collaborate on food waste and GHG reduction with all Food-X customers including the world’s largest retailer.”

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“Our current produce waste is 0.5 percent compared to the average retailer of more than five percent. Our new facility will have state-of-the-art organic waste bio digesters. By consolidating customer orders, we will be able to reduce the number of trucks on the road,” continues the blog post.

Food-X Urban Delivery’s services will be available to Walmart shoppers in Metro-Vancouver in summer 2018. Until then, you can sign up for SPUD or learn more here and you’ll even receive $10.00 off your first order.

-Ryann Anderson

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