This week’s Spotlight on Sustainability comes to you from Montreal! Introducing Santropol Roulant, a community hub that strives to unite Montrealers through producing, preparing, and distributing food.


The Roulant runs a Meals-on-Wheels program for community members who have need help accessing healthy food. Young Montrealers are given the opportunity to assist others through volunteering, participating in gardening and cooking workshops, or working at the Roulant while older residents and receive a nutritional boost and a chance to connect with the younger generation. “These relationships strengthen not just our community, but also an entire future generation,” says the Santropol Roulant website.


Santropol Roulant runs three different agriculture sites for the fresh ingredients in their Meals-on-Wheels: a large farm on western tip of the island of Montreal, a garden on McGill University’s lower campus, and a rooftop garden on top of Roulant headquarters. The Roulant’s agricultural practices all aim to support a “healthy, just, and sustainable” food system. For example, food scraps from their rooftop garden travel down to the basement, where the Roulant’s worms turn them into compost, which is in turn brought back to the rooftop garden.


From June to October, Roulant vegetables can be purchased at their weekly farmer’s market at the corner of Roy and Coloniale. The community hub also runs a weekly CSA program and sells low-cost vegetables at the Little Burgundy Citizen’s Market, which encourages local growers to bring fresh produce to their neighbourhood to make up for the absence of any major grocery stores in the area.


The Roulant runs an impressive variety of activities and services. Frozen meals can be purchased from the Roulant kitchen, similar to those for the Meals-on-Wheels program and the Roulant office building has a general store which sells preserved goods from their gardens and farm. They also have a catering service and a bike shop—there is an endless wealth of creativity at Santropol Roulant!

To learn more about Santropol Roulant, visit their website.

– Arianna Cheveldave

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