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What better way to spend a sunny summer day than biking around Victoria? Bike Tours Victoria has teamed up with the non-profit group Food Eco District (FED) to showcase the city’s sustainable food movement.

The Urban Sustainable food tour takes groups of 6-10 from the Bike Tours Victoria headquarters at North 48 Bicycles through the heart of downtown, to Cook St. Village, and along the Galloping Goose trail.

Stops include businesses like Olive the Senses and Big Wheel Burger, FED gardens, and FED partners like Topsoil at Dockside Green. “We wanted to show the different elements that make up a sustainable food system, from restaurants to urban farmers to community projects,” says FED Project Coordinator Holly Dumbarton.

“Our target audience is tourists or locals interested in great food, really anyone who wants to see Victoria from a unique perspective,” Dumbarton says. “If they also love the environment, that’s great, but we’re actually looking to attract people who wouldn’t normally know a ton about urban agriculture and food security, because that’s how the movement can really grow.”

Food Eco-District actively strives to promote food security and sustainability in Victoria. They encourage restaurants across the city to adhere to sustainable practices. Each of their member restaurants are VIGBC certified, “a certification that covers environmental aspects in all areas of business – transport, waste, food sourcing, energy use and so on,” explains Dumbarton. “We also want to bring the viability of urban agriculture to the forefront of the conversation about sustainability.”

You can get register for the bike tour here. You can also get involved with FED by volunteering. They are currently looking for help with their Learning Garden located at the library.

“We want to show people who really love food that delicious food and food security go hand in hand, and that through their food choices they can be a part of the movement towards a more sustainable world,” says Dumbarton. “We love good food and we love the earth, and one of the key components of mitigating climate change in the future will be a focus on food security.”

-Ryann Anderson

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