Buy BC is finally back after over a decade!

Photos: Province of British Columbia

On Saturday 23 June, Minister of Agriculture Lana Popham and BC Association of Farmers’ Markets vice-president visited Victoria’s Moss Street Market to announce the relaunch of Buy BC programming.

The aim of the program is to help shoppers identify and select local products. “When people are making their shopping decisions, we want them to reach for B.C. products,” says Popham.

The Buy BC Partnership Program involves cost-sharing funding which will be available for B.C. agriculture and seafood producers, processors and co-operatives, industry associations, and agricultural fairs like the Moss Street Market. Logo-licensing agreements will also be available for BC companies that do not require cost-shared funding but still wish to use the Buy BC logo to identify themselves as a local product.

The re-launch comes over a decade after the program was initially cancelled. “Bringing back the brand power of this marketing program—popular with B.C. growers and producers, but cancelled in the early 2000s—will make it easier for British Columbians to explore new and different products from around the province,” reads a B.C. government news release.

“There are new types of BC producers and products that we think British Columbians and visitors will fall in love with,” says Popham, “and Buy BC will be instrumental in introducing those products to British Columbians and a global audience.”

Over the next three years, $2 million in funding will be provided to help eligible applicants with their marketing. The program will be administered and delivered by the Investment Agriculture Foundation of British Columbia, with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture. To apply for funding, visit the Investment Agriculture Foundation’s website.

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-Ryann Anderson

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