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Current Issue

Summer 2018
Available at these locations and as a PDF (12MB).

Past Issues

Spring 2018
Available as a PDF (11MB).

Fall/Winter 2017
Available as a PDF (12MB).

Cover of the Fall/Winter 2017 issue focused on "unraveling food waste"

Spring/Summer 2017
Available as a PDF (12MB).

Fall/Winter 2016
Available as a PDF (17.5 MB).

Spring/Summer 2016
Available as a PDF (30MB).


Fall/Winter 2015/16
Available as a PDF (41MB).


Winter 2015
Available online in Issuu form below, and as a PDF (6.84MM).

Spring/Summer 2014
Available as an Issuu and in (PDF 5.9MB).

Fall 2013
Available as in Issuu, and in PDF form.

Fall 2012
The first Concrete Garden was released in October of 2012: