Why grow your own food in an urban setting if you’re not going to make delicious food out of it?  This section highlights local chefs and recipes using ingredients you can grow in your own garden or find down the street at a farmers’ market.

Winter 2018
Marcelo Najarro at 10 Acres

Fall 2018
Oliver Kienast at Wild Mountain

Summer 2018
Ali Ryan at Spinnakers

Spring 2018
Grant Gard at Part and Parcel

Fall/Winter 2017
Heather Cunliffe at be love

Spring/Summer 2017
Greg Ward at Brasserie L’école
Fall/ Winter 2016
Sam Harris at Agrius

Spring/Summer 2016
Jamie Cummins at Relish Food & Coffee
Fall 2015
Brad Holmes at OLO

Winter 2014
Stephen Drolet at Camille’s
Spring 2014
Marcelo Najarro at 10 Acres
Fall 2013
Paulina Tokarski of Hungry Rooster
Fall 2012
Chef Heidi Fink