Spotlight on Sustainability – Victoria Distillers
Three distillers standing in front of the bronze stills.

Victoria Distillers, originally Victoria Spirits, was owned and operated by president Peter Hunt’s family for seven years at their location on Old West Saanich Road. During this time, the family grew their brand and flagship product, Victoria Gin. While the gin achieved significant success, gaining recognition across the country as the second best-selling premium gin […]

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Spotlight on Sustainability – Plant Buoy

Life Preservation Plants After installing and maintaining gardens for 10 years, Matt Gravel saw reoccurring issues in garden design and plant selection. “You often install the same five to 10 plants and leave without having the client further connected to the space,” said Gravel. “These gardens we install are living and evolving and I want […]

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Write for Concrete Garden

Want to get more involved with the local food movement? We want to hear from you! We are looking for short and long feature-length stories that are intriguing and timely, and which may complement the seasonal theme. Refer to past issues to make sure your idea hasn’t already been covered and remember that stories need […]

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