Rooting Resilience is a plant and bake sale fundraiser to support several Indigenous resurgence projects. Held on May 6th in North Park, the event includes baked goods, coffee, tea, and tons of plants: veggie starts, house plants, perennials, native plants, and fruit trees–all for sale by donation.

The fundraiser was organized as a coalition effort by an informal group who have come together to raise awareness for grassroots organizations. The event is a part of the Retail Action Network’s Mayworks Festival. The festival takes place from May 1-10 and celebrates arts, culture, and the working class every May in Victoria. The Retail Action Network organizes with retail workers facing unlivable wages and workplace harassment. The Indigenous resurgence projects the fundraiser is supporting are resisting tankers, pipelines, logging, displacement, and policing, among other things.

Co-organizer Nick Montgomery says they hope Rooting Resilience will “bring together projects and struggles that are very different, in hopes of encouraging cross-pollination and solidarity between local food movements, Indigenous resurgence, and labour justice.” Organizers see supporting Indigenous resurgence movements as one concrete way to develop closer relations with the land and plants, while also grappling with what that means in terms of colonization.

The purpose of the events is to merge local gardening and food movement conversations with larger questions of land and work. “What does it mean to grow plants on lands that have been stolen, and how can we use our skills and networks to support Indigenous-led resurgence projects?” asks Montgomery. “How can local food movements be in solidarity with folks who can’t afford to live here, or with homeless folks who are being criminalized and harassed by police?”

Rooting Resilience responds to these questions through the celebration and sharing of plants and directing the access to food that many garden-lovers and foodies in Victoria are privileged to, and directing some of those resources towards other spaces and communities.

The fundraiser will be held at 2003 Quadra Street from 10am-2pm on Saturday, May 6th. See events updates here:

-Shayna Kuffert

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