In Every Issue

Urban Pollinator: New in Spring/Summer 2016, this section profiles a local person and what they’re doing to improve food security in their community.

Seed to Plate: Why grow your own food in an urban setting if you’re not going to make delicious food out of it?  This section highlights local chefs and recipes using ingredients you can grow in your own garden or find down the street at a farmers’ market.

Land Writes: A regular column that covers Indigenous food issues from Indigenous writers, covering Nations’ traditions, perspectives and viewpoints.

Local  Flavour: Take a tour of the Island’s local food movement with this section highlighting one area you might not know too much about.

Grow Your Own: Guides to turn your living space into a growing oasis.

Sustainable Structures: A look at the most innovative sustainable buildings in our region.

Agri-Culture: Reviews of books, movies, new technologies, and more that inspire the urban agriculturalist.

Apartment Agriculture: Innovative examples of small-space gardening from our readers.

Retired Sections

Dining Out: Reviews of restaurants that focus on local food made well.

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