Wild Gifts
An illustration of local plants drawn by Lori Snyder

Exploring the opportunities and responsibilities of foraging on the West Coast by Jennifer Foden JUST OVER A YEAR AGO, I left Toronto and moved to B.C.’s south coast. I wanted to embrace the mountains, mild weather, and coastal vibes. I often have moments, when I’m outside in the vast, lush West Coast forest, where I […]

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The Gentrification Effect

Victoria is growing up fast. Can we balance urban food production with housing? by Trina McDonald ON A CLEAR MORNING, a week before the winter solstice, slivers of light overtake trees and distant buildings, strike the frost-covered ground, and awaken microbial life in the soil from a cold slumber. It’s one of the rare mornings […]

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S/S 2014: Land of the Lox

by Sarah Hughes BRITISH COLUMBIA HAS BECOME a salmon-farming power, but not everyone is proud of the aquaculture boom on the West Coast. Since the 1970s, the development of fish farms to raise Atlantic salmon in Pacific waters—now over 100 sites—has been accompanied by vigorous public and scientific debate about the environmental pros and cons. […]

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