Contain Yourself

Freight container farms are popping up in cities around the world. Are they the best bet for food security in all climates? by Quinn MacDonald ON FAIR VANCOUVER ISLE, we often brag about farming and golfing year-round. But that gloating came back to bite us this year. It was a long, hard winter on the West Coast—at […]

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I Fish, You Fish

Community Supported Fisheries reconnect consumers and fishing families to rebuild a sustainable seafood industry By Sarah Hughes IF THERE’S ONE THING I feel most conflicted about eating, it’s seafood. My biggest guilty pleasure is built on one of the most unsustainable food industries on our blue planet. Scummy fish farms, excessive by-catch, destructive bottom trawls, inhumane […]

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Wild Gifts
An illustration of local plants drawn by Lori Snyder

Exploring the opportunities and responsibilities of foraging on the West Coast by Jennifer Foden JUST OVER A YEAR AGO, I left Toronto and moved to B.C.’s south coast. I wanted to embrace the mountains, mild weather, and coastal vibes. I often have moments, when I’m outside in the vast, lush West Coast forest, where I […]

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