Feeding the Resurgence

  Around 30 of us sit in a circle on the carpet, shoeless and mostly cross-legged, like school children, waiting for the chance to speak. We have gathered in this room—somewhat dimmed, somewhat hidden—at the CRD headquarters, to take part in a “blanket exercise,” a workshop that explores the history of colonization on the Island […]

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Dining with the Devil

Across Canada, 40 per cent of the food we produce for human consumption goes to waste. Let that sink in. Some grocery chains are trying to stop that squander. On an average day, each of the eleven Thrifty Foods stores on southern Vancouver Island now donates 300 pounds of fresh produce that would have otherwise […]

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F/W 2015: Raw Deal
Victoria, a brown jersey cow, waits by the farm gate with a field in the background

by Quinn MacDonald Do you know what a cow is? It seems like a simple question. But have you really thought about it? (If you grew up on a farm, you’re disqualified.) A cow is a bovine female that is producing milk. That means she’s had at least one calf. Before that, she’s a heifer. […]

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