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Spotlight on Sustainability: Street Farm

Street Farm: Growing Food, Jobs, and Hope on the Urban Frontier is Michael Ableman’s fourth book. It chronicles the challenges and successes of the urban farm project, Sole Food Street Farms, based in Vancouver. Sole Food is now North America’s largest urban farm project. The book unravels the story of the street farm and shows the […]

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Spring/Summer 2014: Bee City

As farmlands become food deserts, cities offer pollinators unexpected oases by Quinn MacDonald You head out to the store to get groceries for your family. On the way home, you start to feel strange. Dizzy and disoriented. Your step falters. You forget where you’re going, where you’ve been, where you live. Something feels different in […]

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Practices of Everyday Life | Cooking

On Sunday, Feb 26, Open Space Art Society will host composer Navid Navab and his work, Practices of Everyday Life | Cooking, performed by Chef Tony Chong. Navab’s piece blends sound, light, aromas, and culinary expertise to create a synaesthetic experience for the audience. As Chong—a professional dancer and cook—moves his way though the recipe […]

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